Snapdragon Churn Dash Juniper Cropped Coat


Made of 100% Cotton. 

Found in Maryland's eastern shore. I was able to keep the original red binding of this quilt.

This is quilted with feedsack novelty fabric, which was a popular printed cotton starting in the 1920's, when fabric manufacturers noticed quilters were using actual feedsack bags to make quilts during the depression era.

Named after the deep red of the Snapdragon. The flower possibly originated in the Mediterranean basin, but you can find the seeds at Home Depot.

Churn Dash is a really old pattern that originated btwn 1800 and 1849, named after a pretty standard occupation for quilters, churning butter.  I am pretty excited when I see this pattern, because a lot of advanced quilters choose this pattern and do some incredible patchwork with it.

  • No pockets
  • Oversized fit, one size
  • 100% cotton
  • Cropped to waist
  • All stitch-work, piecing, and fabric makes this coat unique
  • Repurposed in Los Angeles, California
  • Dry Clean or wash on delicate