Bows in Bloom (Ongoing Fundraiser)


Bows in Bloom is a monthly fundraiser that donates 100% of profit to a different organization each month. The remaining proceeds cover shipping and packaging supplies.  

Bows are made of vintage, antique, and forgotten materials. Different materials will be available for bows each month, allowing for new chapters of our planet's materials - and new chapters for those in our communities around us.

You have the option of a hair clip, bowtie clip, or pin on the back.

July's Bows are as follows:

  • Blue floral embroidery on white cotton (3 available)
  • Tropical Blue and orange floral on white cotton, VERA material (4 available)
  • Pastel Ferns lightweight percale cotton (10 available)
  • Bows are 7" wide x 4" tall.

July's donation will be provided to Massachusetts Avenue Project, a nonprofit urban farm, mobile veggie truck, and BIPOC teen advocacy group based in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. 

Our donation will supply jobs and field trips to BIPOC teens, allowing them to learn leadership skills through farming, travel and present topics of food justice to their peers, as well as learn food policy and civic engagement.

You can learn more about MAP's youth program here:

You can read further about Food & Land justice groups for Black Americans, and support additional organizations working to advance Black food sovereignty here.

*Our July Donation will be finalized and made at the end of July*

If you know of an organization you would like to have us consider to donate to in a future month, please email me at