Those in Meany - Gabriella Kohr
We met with Gabriella Kohr at her studio and home in Dana Point, CA. 
See more of her life and work on instagram or her website.
Can you tell us how you got to where you are right now?
I am originally from the East Coast, a small beach town in Bethany beach, Delaware. I’ve always been painting and drawing since I was a child, when I moved to Laguna to pursue my degree at Laguna College of Art & Design I was so eager and excited to start my new path as an artist. From there I have been developing my skills and knowledge which has lead me to my personal work that I have been working on since I graduated in the spring.

We love your work so much. What is some of the inspiration behind the color palette seen throughout your paintings?
I draw my inspiration from nearly everything that I hold dear to me. The places I love, the people in my life, the beautiful sunsets I watch. It’s all an accumulation of memories and moments that I wish to emulate for others to experience as well. 


You can see the ocean from your home here in Dana Point! How does being close to the sea influence your work and life?
Being close to the sea is a huge part of my life, I’ve always lived by the water, and always plan to in the future. Aside from painting being at the beach is by far my favorite thing to do, and it makes it even more special to me to be able to see the ocean from my home. 


What is your favorite way to chill out on the weekends?

My ideal relaxing weekend would be waking up early, going for a bike ride with my boyfriend, Ben & or friends to get coffee, then head to the beach to surf and soak up the sun. Finishing it off with a sunset bike ride and a yummy homemade dinner. 



Written by Jess Meany