Natasha Zoe Garrett Roam Vintage
We met up with Natasha Zoe Garrett here in Los Angeles, California to learn a little bit more about her and her business Roam Vintage.
See more of her life and work on instagram and at Roam Vintage.

What are your earliest memories of discovering vintage?
I have memories from a very young age roaming around flea markets with my Mom. I was so enchanted with the endless array of treasures I could find in a day at the Flea. I loved digging through piles and racks of clothing and putting outfits together. I loved the challenge of having to put in work in order to find something special. It was so much more stimulating for me than going into a mall where everything is organized and sterilized to make the shopping experience more convenient. I like getting my hands dirty!

How has your relationship with your personal style evolved?

I think the older I have gotten, the more comfortable I've felt in dressing just for myself. I no longer worry too much about how others perceive me through the way I dress and instead have found a lot of freedom in dressing however I feel best. Sometimes that means dressing up and piling on rings and other accessories and other times it means just putting on a loose dress and throwing my hair up in a messy bun. I aim for comfort above all else, so I guess you could say I have gotten less and less fussy the older I have gotten.

What was the beginning of Roam Vintage like?

The beginning of Roam really felt like an experiment. I had no idea where it would take me, I just knew I wanted to try to take my love for vintage and turn it into an offering for my friends and family. From there, it evolved really organically. The more effort I put into the business, the more inspired I became to evolve it into what it's become now. To this day, Roam is still evolving...I look forward to seeing what is next!

Where is one of your favorite places to be?

Home in Northern California is my favorite place to be. The climate and terrain up there is my version of heaven. When I am up north, I feel like the best version of myself. 


Written by Jess Meany